Castles and manors

  • Vecpiebalga manor house

    Built at the end of 18th century, the barn – in 1820. In the beginning of 19th century a united…

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  • Nēķens manor house complex

    Manor house was built in 1880-ies in the style of Italian renaissance villa architecture. The barn, beer cellars, old castle…

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  • Lode manor house

    Manor house landlord’s house at the Gauja riverside, built in classicism style in 1915, the reconstruction was done in 1970ies.…

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  • Leimaņi manor house

    It is situated in Kaive parish. Visitors can view manor house, servants’ house, unfortunately not in its original shape. The…

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  • Dzērbene manor house

    Built at the end of 18th century in Classicism style, a massive neo-Gothic tower was built at the end of…

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  • Cirstu manor house

    It is situated by the Ogre riverside, next to Ineši – Ērgļi road. Cirsti manor house is one of the…

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