Goods from Piebalga

  • Photo of “Strawberries in snow”- gift and souvenir shop

    “Strawberries in snow”- gift and souvenir shop

    In gift and souvenir shop “Zemenītes sniegā” is possible to acquire souvenirs made with love, as well as order personalized…

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  • Photo of Vecpiebalga’s bread

    Vecpiebalga’s bread

    Bake traditional rye-bread and fine rye-bread according to grandma’s recipe Bake also apple pies and rhubarb pies depending on the…

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  • Photo of Clothing brand Tub:Edo

    Clothing brand Tub:Edo

    Creates bright, comfortable clothes for festivities and mundane already from the first days of life. We are in favour of…

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  • Photo of „Rikarwo”


    We draw, sketch, saw, grind, screw – we make products from wood which are useful both for grown-ups and children…

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  • Photo of Piebalga’s porcelain factory

    Piebalga’s porcelain factory

    Excursions at the only porcelain factory in Latvia (by applying in advance) Chinaware production, souvenirs, painting workshop (opening hours of…

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  • Photo of Piebalga’s curing establishment

    Piebalga’s curing establishment

    Smoked products, the secret of their taste are to be found in the recipe of 1887. Degustation, applying in advance.…

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  • Photo of “Honey gathered in Piebalga”

    “Honey gathered in Piebalga”

    Beekeeper Aivars Radziņš Family enterprise since 2000. Offers to visit the farmstead by enjoying the magic of Piebalga hills and…

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  • Photo of Gardenia Eco

    Gardenia Eco

    We produce qualitative natural eco candles. Each candle is unique with inimitable creative design. We use only natural raw materials…

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  • Photo of Beekeeper Arvis Mozuļčiks

    Beekeeper Arvis Mozuļčiks

    “Baltgalvji”, Kaive parish, The basic activity of Mozuļčiks family is bee-keeping. Plus we are engaged in cultivation of rabbits, winter…

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  • Photo of “3×9 herbs”

    “3×9 herbs”

    “Pūcītes”, Kaive parish Biologic farmstead, engaged in production of herbal teas, health syrups, beverages from natural berries and fruits.…

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