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Bānūži cult spring

Bānūži cult spring, situated not far from Bānūži- Skujene road, in a low meadow. Local archaeology monument 12 springs flow out of Bānūži castle mound, the most known is cult spring.
Supposedly the name of Bānūži cult spring has arisen in the times when not faraway, at the Bānūži lake, on castle mound there was a wooden castle. In thewritten sources of 19th century it is mentioned that near Bānūži castle moundthere was a Jāņa hill with big old oak, a long time ago a sacrificial place. Possibly the Bānūži castle mound, cult spring and Jāņa hill with the oak is thepart of united archaeological site

GPS: 57.1578, 25.5720

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