Points of interest

  • Photo of Kaive manor park

    Kaive manor park

    Visit Kaive manor house park where you can see sculptures made of oak during thesymposium “The wood and axe” (2006)…

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  • Photo of Vecpiebalga’s “Viesistaba” (Guestroom”)

    Vecpiebalga’s “Viesistaba” (Guestroom”)

    The centre of Vecpiebalga is a modern and aesthetic landscape, both for locals and guests it is pleasant to be…

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  • Photo of Vecpiebalga castle ruins

    Vecpiebalga castle ruins

    It is situated at south-east part of Vecpiebalga behind the church. 1340 – 1365. The archbishop of Riga built here…

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  • Photo of Zaļkalns (hill)

    Zaļkalns (hill)

    Zaļkalns hill is one of the most significant view points in Vecpiebalga district, asplendid view is greeted here, revealing sight…

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  • Photo of Grišku hill

    Grišku hill

    The centre of Vecpiebalga The origins of Vecpiebalga can be traced at 10 m high castle mound – Grišķu hill,it…

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  • Photo of Vecpiebalga’s water lilies

    Vecpiebalga’s water lilies

    In the centre of Vecpiebalga, at the side of Cēsis – Madona motor road from May until September water lilies…

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  • Photo of Ciere nature trail

    Ciere nature trail

    In Taurene, near Nēķena manor house, 410 m long plan-way trail leads along Gauja river flood-lands, where intact characteristic nature…

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  • Photo of Bānūži devil’s rock

    Bānūži devil’s rock

    Issituated at the north-east bank of Bānūži lake It is situated at a smallheadland. It is curious that the place…

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  • Photo of Bānūži cult spring

    Bānūži cult spring

    Bānūži cult spring, situated not far from Bānūži- Skujene road, in a low meadow. Local archaeology monument 12 springs flow…

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  • Photo of The High hill

    The High hill

    At the top of it there is 50 x 50 m big square,fortified with banks and two ditches. The castle…

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