Vecpiebalga municipality

Go by white roads, by turnings and curves from hill to hill and see Latvia in a farmstead of Vecpiebalga local people, at the forest bosom, in the depth of the lake, at the bus stop and in the manor house park.
Draw strength drink in Bānūži cult spring and talk to God in Apšu church.
Climb up to Kaibēni hill and immerse yourself in the charm of a distant landscape.
Row to the islets of Inesis lake and hide yourself from the world.
Find an artist in yourself at Piebalga chinaware factory, catch wind at the recreation centre “Chill Up”.
Bring a summer flower for Kārlis Skalbe at Vaktskalns hill and linger for a while in the romance of “Saulrieti”.
Doze off in a bee bed at the farmstead “Piebalgā ievākts medus” and get to know 3×9 herbal magic in Kaive.
Discover the taste of Vecpiebalga in “Ūdensroze” and celebrate life during Mazās Kalniņdienas (Little Kalniņdienas).
Fall in love with Latvia in Vecpiebalga! Anew and forever.

Tourist information

Vecpiebalgas novada tūrisma informācijas centrs
Vecpiebalgas pagasts, Vecpiebalgas novads “Apšugrava”

Laura t. +371 27874575

Working hours:
1. may – 30. september:
M. –
T. –
W. 10:00–17:00
C. 10:00–17:00
F. 10:00–17:00
S. 10:00–18:00
S. 11:00 – 18:00

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